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Soil Health and Your Wealth - 3-day Seminar and Workshop

3-Day Soil Health and Your Wealth - February 8-10, 2017

Nutrition Farming Seminar and Workshop
Regina, Sasktachewan

Hotel Saskatchewan - The Autograph Collection
2125 Victoria Avenue
Regina, Saskatchewan CANADA

He’s back! Graeme Sait is coming back to North America to conduct his internationally-acclaimed seminars this February. Don’t miss your chance to be inspired, to learn more in just one day than you’ve learned all year!

Day 1 - Seminar

The Marvels of Organic Matter

Discover the mechanics of humus, the most important ingredient in profitable sustainability. Learn how to protect, build and benefit from organic matter in your business.

The Seven Principles of Productivity

There are a group of core strategies that determine problem-free production. Discover how many of these secrets you currently embrace or ignore.

The Bounty of Balance

Nutrition Farming® is the balance between minerals, microbes and humus. Understand the key mineral ratios in your soil, and farming becomes more fun.

Seven Life-Changing Strategies

In this segment you will learn about the links between nutrition farming and human health and some fascinating techniques for living a longer, happier, healthier life.

Managing Microbes

The health of your soil workforce has a direct affect on the health of your bank account. If you can learn to look after this hidden workforce, you will find that it will look after you.

Surviving and Thriving With Restricted N

Agriculture contributes 80% of the nitrous oxide to the blanket of greenhouse gases changing our world. This must change, but it need not be painful. In fact, you will profit from becoming more efficient with nitrogen. Learn some invaluable strategies to get more from less (in terms of N inputs), access a considerable proportion of your N for free from the atmosphere and discover the most effective application techniques.

Day 2 - Seminar

The Magic and Myth of Cover Cropping

Nature is all about biodiversity, and the many benefits of multi-species cover cropping are a fine example of this principle in action. Discover how, why, when and what you can plant, when embracing this increasingly popular strategy.

Lessons From the Leaf

In-field monitoring and leaf analysis are key strategies in the Nutrition Farming® approach. Discover novel new tools and methods to monitor plant health, yield potential, pest pressure/resilience and water requirements.

Embracing the Essentials

There are certain core inputs that are considered essential components of regenerative agriculture. In this informative presentation, you will learn the many reasons for their inclusion in a productive, holistic program.

The Secrets of Stress Reduction

Stress is our largest killer and there are very few lucky souls not weighed down by unwanted anxiety. This is your opportunity to learn some tools to reduce stress and reclaim a little more peace and happiness.

Nutrition Farming® Anecdotes

Here, Graeme shares some fascinating stories from around the world. You will bear about farmers grappling with problems and emerging victorious through working with Nature, rather than against her.

Productive Programming

In this pragmatic segment we look at how to develop a program from soil, leaf and biological tests. Key crops are considered including, wheat, and other broadacre crops.

Day 3 - Workshop

Join Dave de Vries with special guest farmers, Joe Wecker and Derek Axten to learn, first hand, what works!

Learning from Your Soil

Explore options for amending soil based on soil testing results, discuss when to amend and learn how to spot indicators that can save you hundreds per acre. Actual soil analysis will be reviewed. Bring your soil analysis report to share with the group and get valuable feedback from the experts.

Cover Cropping in Practice

Discover and discuss cover crop blending techniques for optimal nutrient profile and storage. Actual examples with results will be shared by guest farmers. Bring all your questions and ideas for discussion.

Building Biology All Year long

Learn how to implement a full-year approach to crop nutrition with dynamic adjustments to meet your crop’s nutrient needs throughout the season. Actual examples will be shared by guest farmers who will provide insights into what is most effective, especially during transition from a more conventional approach to one that is more biological.

Download the course brochure for details on early registration discounts.

Certificate in Nutrition Farming - 4-day Intensive Seminar

4-Day Certificate in Nutrition Farming - February 13-16, 2017
Las Vegas, NV

The Westin Lake Las Vegas Resort and Spa
101 Montelego Blvd
Henderson, Nevada 89001

Graeme will be conducting another of his internationally-acclaimed intensive seminars. Take this opportunity to change the way you think and do when it comes to farming. Take this opportunity to do somehting good for yourself by exploring new idea, innovative methods and proven results. Earn your certificate in this intensive course that will truly enhance your life. Topics discussed include:

Soil & Plant Health
• The rationale for the nutrition approach
• The secrets of soil testing and analysis
• Understanding the core inputs
  – why humates, kelp, inoculums and foliars are such important keys for success
• The art and science of composting
• Mineral management tips
  – N-P-K, plus all essential soil & plant minerals are discussed.
• The basics of soil biology
• 7 reasons to bring back your earthworms
• The magic of mycorrhizal fungi
• Brewing considerations
• The mechanics of microbial protection
  – how beneficials can reduce your chemical bill.
• Monitoring tools and guidelines
• Leaf/Tissue analysis interpretation
  – discover 4 key minerals that determine yield.
• Weed management, naturally
• The mechanics of leaf testing
• Foliar feeding for maximum benefits
• The power of visual surveillance
• Key foliar strategies
  – what and when to use.
• The rewards of seed treatment
  – discover the potential of supplying a kick start.

Planetary Health
• The effect of agriculture on climate conditions
  – no sector is of greater import in terms of natural resources.
• Addressing atmospheric and land issues
• The powerhouse link between soil biology and planetary health.

Human Health
• Human microbe management
  – discover the prime importance of probiotic organisms for health.
• Mastering micronutrients in your diet
• Reclaiming wellness
  – improving your own mineral nutrition and enhancing health.
• Emotions, health and happiness
  – discover how negative thoughts and patterns can sabotage.
• The importance of a healthy digestive tract
• How to make your own super-protective, fermented food with live demonstrations and tastings.


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