What is TrueBlend Soil Rejuvenator?

TrueBlend Soil Rejuvenator is a perfect, organic blend of humic acid, carbohydrates and bio-stimulants that aids in the breakdown of crop residues.


what can TrueBlend Soil Rejuvenator do for my soil and my crops?

TrueBlend Soil Rejuvenator brings life back to your soil. It does this by feeding and stimulating the activity of the beneficial microbes, the "good guys", in your soil. Think of microbes as the soil's digestive system. Microbes devour organic crop residue and turn it in to organic matter. Feeding your microbes helps them to reproduce faster which builds a larger team of digesters that will make short order of all the crop residue in your fields. Decomposed crop residue is turned it into humus-rich organic matter and nutrients are transformed into a large reserve of soluble nutrients, available and ready to feed your new season's crops.


Another really important reason to use TrueBlend Soil Rejuvenator is that it breaks down crop residue that would otherwise serve as a place where the "bad guys", the pathogenic fungi and bacteria, can hide for the winter, ready to ruin your delicate new crops in the Spring. Eliminating crop residue eliminates the place where soil pathogens can hide for the winter.


what's in it?

TrueBlend Soil Rejuvenator contains a blend of humates, micro-nutrients, trace minerals, carbohydrates and bio-stimulants. All these products are organically certified.


how should I use TrueBlend Soil Rejuvenator?

TrueBlend Soil Rejuvenator should be used as a soil life sustainer, a crop residue reducer, a builder of organic matter, and to improve the overall quality of your soil's characteristics such as tilth, water retention, compaction, and percent of organic matter content.


how much and when should I apply TrueBlend Soil Rejuvenator?

TrueBlend Soil Rejuvenator is a concentrate and should be diluted with clean, cool, fresh water. Add 8-12 litres of TrueBlend Soil Rejuvenator to enough water to make 80 litres. Apply TrueBlend Soil Rejuvenator in Autumn or Spring when soil microbes are awake and when plant life has died off to continue a steady supply of nutrients to the microbes....


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