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Agriculture Solutions Farm Fertilizer Programs

The solutions for your farm's land and crop improvement program


No matter what time of the season, there's always something you can be doing to either prepare your soil, provide a boost to your seedlings, or feed your plants through to maturity. How you do this can vary a great deal, depending on what crops you planted, the condition and content of your soil at planting and the general field environment.


Targeted, Nutritional Fertillizer Programs


We promote the use of a targeted, nutritional fertilizer program that is based on information gathered from your fields and addresses the nutritional needs of your crop throughout the entire season. We start with soil sampling that gives us a baseline to understand the limiting factors of your soil and your environment. Next, we provide detailed fertilizer recommendations, tailored to the crops you want to plant, that corrects the limiting factors of your soil that could adversely affect your crop's ability to reach its yield and quality potential.

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  • Soil analysis image
  • Crop check image

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  • Greenhouse crop check image
  • Using plant sap, this handheld refractometer measures BRIX.
  • You can see a lot just by walking in the field.
  • Examine your plants for signs of stress.
  • Watch each growth stage for signs and symptoms.
  • Look for healthy rhyzobium colonies on soybean roots.
  • We offer greenhouse programs, too.

Our recommendations cover the entire year, not just the growing season, and include pre- and post-season fertilizers for soil conditioning, planting and foliar spraying that, when applied using a well-designed and well-orchestrated plan, can bring you optimal results such as higher yield and better quality crops.


We use a combination of crop scouting and tissue analysis to keep a close eye on nutrient availability and uptake and make adjustments in the program as necessary to get you the best results.


We've also seen that, because these programs work to boost the soil's ability to feed your plants, they prepare your plants to better handle the stresses that will inevitably arise such as: drought, insects, fungus, etc. With an increased level of immunity that comes from proper nutrition, your plants will be more resilient and produce better yields and better quality - - despite the inevitable stresses and challenges that nature presents.



We offer solutions for both conventional fertilizer use and certified organic use. For starters and foliars for conventional production, check out Blend 36 and Blend 39 as well as our new liquid injection powerhouse, Springboard, from NTS Solutions. For organicic production, check out our TrueBlend products.


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