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SeaPack Oceanic Hydrolysate 2-1-0.3 with chitin

SeaPack Oceanic Hydrolysate 2-1-0.3 with chitin

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SeaPack is made from crab, shrimp and salmon and delivered in a smooth hydrolysate that stimulates soil activity, improves calcium availability and reduces applied nitrogen requirements.


Made from micronized, pre-digested salmon, shrimp and crab, SeaPack is a powerhouse of nutrients, energy and enzymes. With a typical analysis of 2-1-.3, SeaPack is made from salmon, shrimp and crab and contains effective levels of chitin derived from the shells of crustaceans, which is known for its contributions to improve plant resistance to pests and disease pressure and resilience against adverse environmental conditions.


SeaPack is a chitin and omega-3 rich, cold-processed hydrolysate that is screened to 150 mesh for trouble-free spray and drip application.


During the manufacturing process, no oils are removed allowing for maximum soil nutrient lock and surfactant qualities for optimal foliar sticking. SeaPack is also know for promoting beneficial microbes, especially fungal species, like mycorrhizae.


SeaPack is an organic source of natural phosphorus, nitrogen and potassium as well as trace and ultra trace nutrients naturally occurring in oceanic fish.


Category: Fertilizer/Foliar/Soil/Seed. Approved for Organics.

Nutrient(s): Nitrogen/Phosphorous/Potassium/Micronutrients/Calcium.