Cover Crop Seed


Some think that cover crops are just something you plant to cover the field for the winter. But cover crops are much more than that, giving your fields a jolt of something life-sustaining. Planting a cover crop creates a reserve of nutrients that becomes available to feed your crops like an intravenous (IV) supply of life-promoting nutrients to your plants. When you plant a cover crop, its roots continue to feed soil microbes that build soil nutrient reserves. Not only can cover crops serve as forage for grazing livestock, but they can also scavenge and store the equivilent of hundreds of pounds of nitrogen. This stored nitrogen becomes a consistent supply to your new spring crop. Plus, when the cover crop dies back, their roots and green plant matter are digested by microbes and become organic matter that is loaded with plant-available nutrients for your crop. 


Winning the race.


Think about people who run marathons. They have friends and family that stand along the sidelines of the race with bottles of "good stuff" like electrolytes and mineral water and other such sustenance. When the marathoner runs by, their supporters pass them the "good stuff" that helps to keep them going to win the race. Think of your crops as being just like a marathon runner. Along the race of their lives, they are constantly using nutrients and minerals and water...and they need a constant supply of them to keep going....not only to keep going but to WIN. If their supply of "good stuff" runs out at a critical point in the race, they will fall behind and probably not finish FIRST.


Supplying the "good stuff".


Cover crops are a vital part of any biological crop nutrition program. You will want to build up nutrient levels in your cover crops becasue when they die back, they turn into a reserve of plant-available nutrition (the "good stuff) for your revenue producing crops. Planting cover crops is one of the least expensive, most effective and cost-efficient ways to build plant-available nutrition into your soils. It's the most plant-availalbe form of nutrition and provides a constant flow of nutrients so that your crop is less likely to run short at critical points in its race to the finish line.


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