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Starter Products

Why Use a Starter?

Early nutrition is critical. The first few days of a plant's life determine a lot about how that plant will grow and what it will produce. Using a starter fertilizer provides an available source of nutrients right at the root zone of the fragile seedling.

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Ignite S2 Biostimulant and Starter Enhancer (select a size to view price)
Agri-Gro IgniteS2 is a soil and starter supplement that gives crops an early dose of energy for a gr..
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what is Seed-Start™? Seed-Start™ is a fusion of proven germination enhancers and seedli..
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Triple Ten (select a size to view price)
Triple Ten™ (10-10-10) combines a hot-mix NPK blend, chelated trace elements and natural growt..
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TrueBlend Starter (select a size to view price)
TrueBlend organic starter is a perfect, organic blend of nutrients, micro-nutrients and bio-stimulan..
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