Imagine the cool, refreshing feeling of healthy, green turf between your toes. Now, imagine all the chemicals that get put on turf grass and I bet you won't want to walk barefoot on it. Successful turf management doesn't have to include a lot of chemicals. With the right products and program, growing beautifully healthy turf is easy and affordable....and safe for humans, pets and wildlife.


Ensuring Success

When it comes to managing turf, there are a few key factors for ensuring success. Quick germination, strong, vigorous root growth, and continuous access to nutrients.


Germination success is enabled by adequate water and temperature. Immediately following germination, however, the tiny seedlings need continuous access to water and nutrients to promote and sustain strong root and shoot growth.


Balance is Key

Some nutrients promote "top" or shoot growth and some promote root growth. Supplying the right balance of nutrients is key to growing healthy turf. Healthy turf has a strong, deep root system to get maximum access to water and nutrients. Healthy turf has dark green blades and is free from disease and insect damage. With the proper balance of nutrients, turf grass will grow equally below ground as it does above ground, ensuring a good root system and not too much top growth.


There's a lot you can do to promote root growth such as building soil structure that is conducive to root penetration and that has high nutrient availability as well as a high water retention capacity. Soil that is high in organic matter and is alive with micro organisms has these properties.


Balanced nutrition comes from from applied fertilizers and from the soil and includes not only minerals such as nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, but also includes micronutrients, bio-stimulants, plant growth promotants, humates and other natural compounds that promote plant health and resistance from disease and insects.


We've designed our line of TrueTurf products to work together in a simple program so as to ensure your success as a turf manager. Whether you are maintaining a residential or commercial lawn, a golf course, a sports field or public greenspace, TrueTurf makes it easy and affordable to have beautifully healthy turf.


Contact us to find out more about creating a customized program for your turf.


Sample Turf Management Program


  • In the early spring, spray turf with TrueTurf Living Hume at 50mL per 1000 ft2 at a minimum dilution of 1:20 in clean, cool, fresh water.
  • Apply TrueTurf™ Lawn formula every 30 days at a rate of 120mL per 1000 ft2 of turf at a minimum dilution rate of 1:20. If applying to stressed turf, high traffic areas or during extremely hot and/or dry conditions, apply a split application of 60mL per 1000 ft2 every 15 days.
  • Apply 120mL of TrueTurf™ Lawn formula mixed with 25mL of Sea-Crop and 5g of Tri-Kelp per 1000 ft2 of turf and at a minimum dilution rate of 1:20.